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What “No Nonsense” means for you?

Answers to all your questions.

We know more than a thing or two about real estate.
We will establish a price based on similar homes that have recently SOLD in your area.

No “Blue Sky” Market Analysis. You will get fair market value for your home.
We will never “Buy your Listing” by telling you your house is worth more than what the market analysis says you can sell it for, just to justify getting the listing.

The home will need to appraise for the sales price, appraisers will be using the same comparable sales. Is it worth the risk of your home not appraising and being forced to renegotiate to a lower price or even losing the buyer all together?
We will always put your house on the MLS, to expose your home too as many buyers as possible. 

More buyers more possible offers.
We will never charge you extra fees such as: transaction or office fees, which are just extra profit for the agent and or brokerage (company).

Why pay extra money to sell your home?
Give you a proven marketing plan to help sell you your house.

It works, we guarantee it!
Straight forward feedback from showings/open houses.

You’ll know exactly what buyers and other agents think of your home.

Talk with you through-out with transaction so you know what’s happening.

You can call, text or email us anytime. We will answer your phone calls, texts or emails in a timely manor.
A very strong on-line presence. 

95% of home buyers use the Internet to search for a new home.* Your home will be on every major real estate website and over 200 other home search websites that we work with, as well as many major social media platforms.

We always use a professional Real Estate Photographer to showcase your home.

Great pictures will help sell your home faster!
You only deal with the “No-Nonsense Team” through-out the transaction.

You will never have to take phone calls from other agents.
We offer a guarantee listing.

We know you will be satisfied with our service you!


We don’t disappear after the sale, if a problem arises we will be there to help and guide